Project Portfolio

Wayshowing for Iowa Byways

David L. Dahlquist Associates, LLC and Shive-Hattery planned and designed a comprehensive signage and wayfinding system for the Iowa’s Byways Program. The byway guide signs will help travelers navigate their way to and along Iowa’s most significant routes and experience their scenic and historic resources. The project includes signage design, the development of graphic identities for the Iowa Byways program and each of Iowa’s designated byways, GIS mapping for all byway guide sign locations, and the official byway guide sign policy manual for IDOT.


Revitalization of Louisiana’s Byways

In 2007, David L. Dahlquist Associates, LLC was hired to provide assistance with the revitalization of Louisiana’s Byway Program. A primary task was the preparation of the Statewide Byway Management Plan. Additional work included the update of corridor management plans for five state designated byways and the preparation of new corridor management plans for three state designated byways. We have also performed an extensive GIS mapping of all state and nationally designated byways and prepared the National Scenic Byway designation and nomination package for the 717-mile Louisiana Great River Road. The byway was awarded official national designation in October of 2009. We have also assisted in the application for National Scenic Byway Program grants. One successful application resulted in an award of $1.5 million for the development of byway wayshowing and implementation.


Highway Oriented Signs | The Atchafalaya National Heritage Area

This Highway Oriented Signs project represents a coordinated and forward-thinking effort to increase safety for motorists traveling to and through The Atchafalaya National Heritage Area. Installing permanent highway signs in strategic locations along major interstate and conventional highways will improve the safety environment for motorists, particularly for those who are driving in any part of the 14-parish areas for the first time. Visually defining the Heritage Area boundaries as highway travelers enter the region and reassuring travelers that they are within the Heritage Area through the use of smaller parish-to-parish border signs is an essential guidance function of these highway signs.


Outer Banks National Scenic Byway: Wayshowing Assessment, Graphic Identity Development, and 2011 National Scenic Byway Program Grant Application Preparation

In the Spring of 2011, David L. Dahlquist Associates, LLC was contracted wo prepare an assessment of existing byway signage and recommend future wayshowing improvements. Another key task was the development of a unique graphic identity or logo for the Outer Banks National Scenic Byway for use on byway signage, print publications and digital media. In addition, we prepared a National Scenic Byway Program Grant Application for funding to support the planning, design, fabrication and installation of various wayshowing elements including route guide signs, byway entrance signs, orientation stops, and community entrance signs along the Outer Banks National Scenic Byway.


Wayshowing for Byways: A Reference Manual



Iowa Great River Road Corridor Management Plan Update


Wayshowing Assessment and Plan for the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail – Auto Tour Route