Wayshowing for Byways: A Reference Manual

At David L. Dahlquist Associates, we are pleased and proud to have developed and produced Wayshowing for Byways: A Reference Manual. This document provides comprehensive guidance of the principles of wayfinding—the navigational problem-solving steps that travelers use to be safe and successful in planning and completing a trip–and wayfinding–the assistance byway organizations can offer to enhance safe and rewarding byway travel. The Manual is written for a broad audience of people ranging from those who are new to byway management and operations to state and tribal byway coordinators, transportation officials and public lands managers and designers and planners.

Please note that much of the information contained in the Manual also apply to historic highways, recreation trails, parks, interpretive centers and other public recreation and heritage tourism resources.

We recognize the support provided by the National Scenic Byways Program of the Federal Highway Highway Administration and America’s Byways Resource Center (ABRC) for funding the development of the reference manual and making it available. Specifically, we appreciate the dedication and professional commitment of Curt Pianalto, former Byway Specialist and Director of the ABRC, for his special contributions to the Manual.

In June, 2012, the ABRC and its parent organization, the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission (ARDC) and David L. Dahlquist Associates (DDA) agreed to transfer the full ownership rights of the content and photographs of Wayshowing for Byways: A Reference Manual to DDA. In turn, we are making the document available for downloading at DDAForum.com for no charge. As you may reproduce and distribute the Manual, we encourage you to give recognition to DDA and the National Scenic Byways Program the support it has provided for the development of the body of knowledge surrounding wayfinding and wayshowing for byways and byway travelers.